BY: Maia Campbell, Anthony Salazar, Isaac Acevedo, Ashlee Fortenbach, Fernando Ortiz, Natani Davidson, Melanie Velazquez,

The map under this message is where The Black Death or Bubonic Plague started.

The Plague of Europe

The Black Death was a serious disease in the 4th century, it lives in rats. Vomits, some of the rats blood infected with your synopsis back to the human victim, and the person is walking around 4th century with Black Death. In the nomadic version, (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of nomads) it settles in your lungs and over a time of period, your lungs are just liquified, and you'll cough them up and die. The synaptic version. The Bacteria clocks, you were eventually bleeding to death everywhere, at the same time. So, if a loved one had this Disease in your home having the plague who was coughing all over you you, then you knew that everyone in the your name at the end of  the week will either be dead or dying. No one has to die of the plague today.

What the government would do if the plague was still here here today, they would treat the people with the plague need treatment. If treatment is not received within 24 hours of when the first symptoms occur, death can result

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Plague in Europe

The black death was one of the most devastating events in Europe history. There was os many lives lost. Approximately 75-200 million people died that day. There was lots of theories indicating the Black death is estimated that it killed about 30-60% of Europes population. In total the Plague reduced the

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