My crazy Christmas

Christmas is interesting in my family we go to 4 different Christmas celebrations two of them are out of town and those two are in completely different places. Well you might be wondering why we go to four Christmases? Well my moms parents are divorced so that means my grandparents are divorced. My papaw lives in a really small town where everybody knows each other. Now my gran lives fort worth and has a huge big family we are so loud you can hear us from outside the house we are all close knit but we get on each others nerves and it makes us all crazy I'm betting that there will be a bigger surprise at Christmas that I already know.... My aunt is pregnant! My aunt has miscarried   More than once so this is a big announcement. My granny and grandad always have Christmas eve at there house. It's always fun at there house we are going to the candle light service at my church which means a lot to me. Now there's my Christmas we have at my house it's alot of fun to relax and hang out with all of my favorite people in the world we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast and lasagna at dinner. it might crazy but I love them more than anyone will ever know.

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