Digital Learning Day

Choose one of the following projects to work work on

Project #1:  Leprechaun Hide-N'-Seek!

After you finish the video please do the following activity.

  1. Find the leprechaun coloring page.
  2. Color the Leprechaun and cut him out
  3. Take pictures of your leprechaun hiding around the room and create a Leprechaun hide n' seek Pic Collage.  Make sure to include a title.  Here are some examples that I did.
  4. Be creative and unique!
  5. When you finish save your project in the St. Patrick's Day folder of Google Drive and you can start on project #2.

Project #2:  As Good as Gold!

Watch the video above and then start the project.

  • Get your materials
  1. 1 green paper
  2. 1 strip of gold
  3. one paper with writing and drawing pieces on them
  4. glue stick
  5. scissors
  • Cut out the green pot, the gold, and the two pieces on the white sheet.
  • Write about someone who means more to you than gold on the writing piece.
  • Draw a picture of the person that means more than gold to you on the blank piece.
  • Glue the pieces onto the pot of gold.
  • When you finish take a picture of your work and turn it into the St. Patrick's Day folder of your Google Drive and you can start on project #1.