Procyon A
By: Tiffany Wilson

           Procyon A is the eight brightest star of our star system.  Being 11.4 light years away from Earth, the Procyon A star is the 14th closest star in the star system. Procyon A is a relatively bright yellow-white star, which is 14.9 AU (astronautical units) large. Specifically Procyon A is heated to 1.6 million Kelvin. The Procyon A star is large, extremely hot, and bright star.

         Procyon A is in the constellation Canis Minor, and both Procyon A and B are brother stars to Sirius. Known as the "Little Dog Star" (Sirius being the "Dog Star"). This was named Procyon; meaning "before the dogs"; because this star was thought to have risen slightly before Sirius. Yet, the phrase has been proved incorrect and is not used anymore. Procyon A is moving from a normal mature stage to an inflated giant stage. Scientists know this because as stars absorb hydrogen to convert to helium, once that hydrogen is gone the star builds up the star moves to the inflated stages. This takes millions of  years to reach the fully inflated stage.

      Procyon A is about 3 billion years old. This star is almost 8 times more luminous than the Sun. This means that Procyon A is also 8 times hotter than the Sun. Yet, the sun's equatorial rotation speed is much faster than Procyon A. The Sun turns at a speed of 3.2 seconds, while Procyon A's one turn could take up to 33 days. This star is extremely interesting and complex.


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