Bre'Kiya Moton

Bre'Kiya with skin the color of vanilla

Bre'Kiya of big brown eyes the size of the moon

Bre'Kiya whose big brother and sisters can't stand

Is a girl who is lost in time not sure what to do

A girl that if you fall,she laughs at you

A girl that loves eating hot steaming stew

A girl so short,you can't see her when you walk by

A girl whose birthstone is the color of the sky

A girl who loves cinnamon and pie

Bre'Kiya runs on the track with her head held high

Sings in a tune so mighty,OH MY !

She smiles so bright

Because in the darkness,there's light

Bre'Kiya inside those little bones,there's hope

Inside those little lungs,second hand smoke

Inside that heart,there is also hurt,their is a vein where betrayal can insert

Is an ordinary girl just like you,just so lost,no one to turn to

She isn't like any other,a girl with a loving mother

She prays day and night

She hides away from the world

Scared of what will happen,she runs and doesn't stop

Praying again that the world doesn't drop

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