By Emily and Samuel

Describe the measures governments could take to ensure online documents are accessible to citizens who lack access to a a computer or the Internet.

1. Public Libraries

  • Provide Libraries with computers that can access the internet or have important documents that saved offline.
  • This would require constructing new facilities and buildings to store the computers
  • Would allow many people within walking or driving distance access to these documents through the resources offered in this central location

2. Telephone services

  • Would allow any person with telephone connection to ask for documents to be delivered to them
  • This would reach out to all remote locations accessible by mail
  • Would be most efficient use of the paper

3. Documents in Hard Copy

  • This would mane printing the documents and storing them in government facilities
  • Allows many locations to store the document copies such as post offices, libraries, and court houses
  • Would require a lot of paper

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