The Moon!

Sharon González


Why is the moon so important to us? Its important mostly because of all the jobs that it has and the affect that it has on Earth. Some of the jobs that the moon has is tides, causing eclipses, and having phases. The moon keeps tides in order because of its gravity. Also the moon has phases because of its revolution around Earth as an effectof that it creates eclipses also.

The moon has a various of phases. Including waxing crescent, waxing gibbous, first quarter, full moon, waning gibbous, and so on. The reason of why the phases occur is because of the relative change of positions between the moon, Earth, and sun. Like the Earth the moon has an axis also. So while the moon is revolving around Earth its also rotating on its axis.

Since the moon and the sun all have a relationship together they will eventually line up. Causing eclipses to happen there are two kinds of eclipses a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. However they can happen differently like a solar eclipse can occur two different ways so can a lunar eclipse. The word solar and lunar are Latin for "sun" and "moon."Eclipses occur every few years with the technology and scientists we have now we can predict when and where it will happen. Eclipses only happen during the full moon or new moon.

Tides are the rise and fall of ocean water. There are high, low, spring, and neap tides. High and low tide occur twice a day. Spring and Neap tide however occur twice every month. A Spring tide is the greatest difference between consecutive low and high tides. A Neap is the least difference between consecutive low and high tides. Tides are caused by the gravity of both the moon and sun's.

In conclusion the moon has a lot of jobs. If we didn't have the moon we wouldn't be able to see beautiful eclipses. Or be shined by the moon's moonlight in a dark night. The moon creates this beautiful things probably more then we know yet. We really need to be more appreciative about the moon because it does so much for us without asking for anything in return!

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