Budgeting and Money

How to budget your money while being a university student

How to increase your income

Try and pick up extra hours at work or if they are offered to you, take them.

Once you've had your job for a while ask your boss if you can have a pay rise.

Sell unwanted things you have instead of just chucking them out.

See if there is any weekend work to do when you have free weekends.

You might be able to claim benifits through Centerlink.

How to save money

When you buy your groceries go for the cheaper brand other then your original one.

Live with a friend so then you can split bill everything.

When you go shopping don't get anything you dont need, only the necessary things.

Pay your bills first so you know what money you have left over to spend.

Start saving young so you have some money there to start you off.

Take your own lunch to uni.

Get a student discount card.

Try and buy second hand stuff like your furniture.

Write up a budgeting plan.

Try and live at the uni so you don't have to pay for travelling costs and rent.

Cook your own meals instead of going out every night.

Don't go and get things you don't need like a maniure every week.

Where to buy the essential things cheap!

You can usually get cheap groceries online but if thats to hard Aldi is always cheap or buying a cheaper brand of the food you usually get at your local supermarket.

Online is always the cheapest way to buy your clothing but if you need them straight away there is always cheap shops around where your university is.

Plant  vegetable garden. You then have your fruit and vegies for free.

Use bottled water out of the tap so you don't have to buy that either.

You can often use cheap things you have a home already to clean your house.

You can make your own deodorant with Baking Soda and Cornstarch Powder.

There will often be cheap make- up places and chemists for girls.

If you're living with a group of people shopping a Costco would be the cheapest way as they sell in bulk.

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