Brendon Holder, Sophia Lal, Maury Rubin

Positioning: Deliver Happiness

Iconic Marketing Campaigns:
Happiness Machines, Santa Claus, Polar Bears, Coke Freestyle

Healthy Eating, Environmental Concerns, Pepsi

Warning Signs

Pepsi's large share of the "youth" generation and those who believe that happiness is youthfulness

Growing presence of private labels and the ability to make in volumeGrowing presence of private labels Growing presence of private labels

Loss of exclusivity dealsLoss of exclusivity dealsLoss of exclusivity deals

Government involvement - prohibiting sale of "unhealthy" items in school vending machines

Securing Brand Equity

  • Maintain infrastructure thats align with the position of "delivering happiness"
  • Don't dilute the brand by deviating from the position and the inherent value
  • Understand the trends of happiness: ex. people are happier with more autonomy therefore coke freestyle allows for consumers to be autonomous

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