Standing Bear

By Carter A

Who is Standing Bear?

Standing Bear is a great chief of the Ponca tribe.  Standing Bear was born around 1804 and became chief at a young age.  He wanted to use words instead of violence. He was a great man of the Ponca tribe.

The Ponca's new land!

About thirty years after Standing bear was born the Ponca moved to new land ,because the United States bought there land.  Retaning a 58,000 acre resignation between Ponca creek and the Nibrara river.  On this reservation the Ponca lived a life of hardscrabble farming and fear.  The United States did little to protect them from attacts from the Brûlée Sioux.   

standing bear's son!

Standing bear's son grew up like any ordinary Ponca tribe chilled.  When Standing Bear's son Bear Shelled died,  when they where moving from land to land. Standing Bear and some other followers went to bury him in their previous land.  Soon after they arrived they were, arrested.

Standing bear's speech

When Standing Bear was in court he gave a speech.  "This hand is not the color of yours, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain.  If you pierce your hand, you also feel pain.  The blood that will flow from mine will be of the same color as yours.  I am a man.  The same God made us both."  That is Standing Bear's speech.

Standing bear's death!

The death of Standing Bear is unknown.  Standing bear was burned beside his ancestress, and there was a monument in memory of him.  Standing bear was a very important man to the Ponca tribe.