Athletes Foot

Alex Douglas - Period 4


- Wear closed shoes
- Keep feet wet for a long period of time
- Sweat a lot
- Develop a minor skin or nail injury

Transmissions of Disease

Can be passed on by showers or pools. Can be transmitted very easily. To catch it you need just the slightest exposure to it.


Catch it from:
- Showers
- Pools
- Wet Towels
- Bath Mat
- Don't wear the same shoes as someone else!


It is not that common, and it is not that dangerous and will not cause death. Thought treatment will be needed for recovery.


- Red and itchy skin
- Burning or Stinging pain
- Blisters that ooze or are very crusty

How it's Diagnosed

- Scraping of the skin
- Biopsy


- Medicines such as miconazole, clortrimozole, terbinafine, and tolnaftate
- Use medicine 1-2 weeks after infection has cleared
- Keep your feet clean and dry
- Wash your feet thoroughly with soup and water
- Wear shoes that are well-ventilated

The treatment is very successful if used right. It is not insured that you don't get the disease again but it will make you more aware of how to treat and prevent you from getting it again.

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