By Lauren, Blake, and Kellen


Hippobuttanightes is a very deadly virus in your bottom.  Hippobuttanightes can kill you if you are not treated correctly.  If the docter doesn't put the shot in right it could give you seriously butt damage for life.


* You will turn into a hippo

* When you go #2 sparkly pink unicorns, and rainbows will come out.

* You will be so stinky that people from a mile away can smell you.

* Vomiting

* Loss of teeth

* Sweating armpits

How does this germ travel

It travels through toilet water.  It also travels through your body.  You can get it from a toilet seat.


You will get a very painful shot in your bottom, that injects pink liquid.  The shot cost $79 billion.  


You have to dip a banana in a sweaty guys armpit and eat it.  Drink soap, and chicken broth.  Get your butt shots twice a year.