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Cash Canadian Seniors Deserve to Have!

Many seniors are struggling to make ends meet or are on a tight budget.  If you are a realtor or a financial planner or anyone who sees a senior struggling, this information is always worth mentioning to them or to a family member.  Don't get your hopes up too soon, but check into it.

Six years ago I took a course to be a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.  There was a section discussing the Canadian Child Drop-out Provision.  When seniors retire in Canada, they need to check off this little box saying they had children born after December 31, 1958.  If they did not fill out that section of the form or do not remember, then look into it.  Fill out the form and the government will let you know if you are eligible to receive money.

The amount you receive will be taxed but any amount is better than nothing.  My two Ontario clients received $15,000 each and one in Quebec received around $400.

Hope you can help someone!

Joanne Vroom CPCA, Home stager and Professional Organizer