The first thing that I thought was when I got to UTA was that I never been in that part of the college. And since I enjoy the whole field trip I can't pick my favorite,but since I have to pick one I will maybe pick the show they made for us.what I will suggestion for the next field trip will be that we shouldn't go if the weather was not good because many kids thought that we were going to see the outside of the school but we didn't so they didn't have much fun so, I think we shouldn't go if the weather is bad.Yes I think I would like to go to UTA because first I look up to my brother and he goes to UTA and second because it look like a good school for many things. Like for example I want to do so many stuff like I want to be a runner or a doctor for baby or a teacher. Oh and something else you can do for next year is maybe we can go to a college and see how people work in the classes, so we can be a little more ready of how to work it.


*Some sports that they play there are softball,volleyball,and cross country!

*10,000 people live in the school campus.

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