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Caleb Mercer 2nd period Ms.Lyons

My alien's name is Malox.  Malox is 31 years-old on Earth and 120 years-old on Jupiter. Malox would weigh 145 pounds on Earth and 342 pounds on Jupiter.  Malox is from Jupiter, a gas giant planet.

                                                                    BASIC FACTS

* Jupiter is 483,800,000 miles from the Sun.

* Jupiter  is the 5th planet from the Sun.

* Jupiter has 67 moons.

* Jupiter has an atmosphere and it is made up of hydrogen and helium gas.

* Jupiter has weather, with its winds ranging from 192 mph up to 400 mph.

* Jupiter is really hot the temperature is 234°F.

                                                                  A Day in the Life

- Jupiter revolves around the Sun once every 11.86 Earth years.

- Jupiter rotates at a speed of 29,236 miles around the Sun.

- Jupiter's day is 10 hours long and it takes Jupiter 12 years to make one revolution.

-Jupiter's size is 43,441 miles and its width is 143,ooo kilometers (89 miles).

                                                               Interesting Facts

             Jupiter is the largest planet out of the 8 planets in the solar system. One of Jupiter's moons, Io has active volcanoes which produce gases containing sulfur. Jupiter's magnetic field is 20 times stronger than Earth's. Jupiter is special because of its most famous  Giant Red Spot and its surface is covered in thick red, brown, yellow and white clouds. Jupiter has three rings that are made up of tiny dust particles.

            The planet is named after Jupiter the king of the Roman gods. Jupiter is usually the second brightest planet in the sky, after Venus. Jupiter is almost like a star, but if it was a star it would be 80 times more massive than stars. Jupiter is so large that the other planets in the solar system could fit inside. Jupiter Giant Red Spot is actually a spinning storm, which looks like a hurricane.

                                                             Description of Alien

           Malox is green glowing creature that lives on the planet Jupiter. Malox is so special because at night his body glows in the dark so he can find his way around Jupiter and he can fly. Malox is a consumer because he can't produce his own food. He feeds on neutron particles and he has no predators that feed on him on Jupiter. Therefore, Malox is basically a green glowing creature who eats neutron particles.


Sources- Google, Wikipedia

Author-  Caleb Mercer


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