Curley's Wife
egotistic - isolated - clever

All I wanted was...

someone I could talk to

to get away from Curley

to get off the ranch

a lady friend

to be famous

But I didn't want...

a self-centered husband

being among only men

being stuck on a ranch

not being allowed to talk to anyone

to die

Character Development

Curley's Wife grew up in a rather unstable and unappealing household because she had a very rough past with her mother. She did want to get off the ranch, but what was more important for her was just to find someone that she could trust and call a friend. Also, she may have married Curley, but it was because she needed him to start on her journey to reach her dream.

Character Interactions

The way Curley's Wife talks to Lennie is in a very condescending way because he is mentally challenged and she knows that. She talks to Crooks in a terrible and horrific kind of way because of the color of his skin. However, when Slim and her talk, she is constantly flirting with him because he is a really good guy and she likes him a lot. These examples show that Curley's Wife has specific relationships with people based solely on who they are and how they were born.

How Curley's Wife Affects the Plot

Curley's Wife affects the plot in numerous ways. The effect she has on the plot can be traced back to when she threatens to lynch Crooks. It frightened everyone and it revealed just how awful of a person she can be. She most affects the plot when she talks to Lennie in the barn when all the men are playing horseshoes. Her poor thinking ended up costing her life and eventually Lennie's.

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