Unit 1, Module 2

Allie Boan

I admire this classroom set-up for many reasons. I like that the students are placed together so that it creates a sense of community in the classroom. I also like that there are decorations in the room as well. The room has a lot of technology in it. There is a stationary SMARTboard, a tv and laptops. The SMARTboard is up to date and are in most classrooms these days. The computers are up to date as well since they are laptops. All of the pieces of technology are more than likely used every day except for the boom box. The SMARTboards are the most important pieces of technology in the room. The teacher probably uses the boards for most of her lessons. Students enjoy the interaction that is able to happen through the learning process while using a SMARTboard as well. The least important is the tv because the teacher can use the SMARTboard for a tv as well.

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