The difference between good and bad logos.

Good Logos

This is a good logo because they use all the colors in the logo to attract children and make them want go there buy toys. Also the r is emphasis to show that no matter how old you are toys can still be in our lives no matter what age.

This logo is just great. This shows that they make like fighting games and is really appealing to the eye. The emphasis on the fist is also representing their compassion for making their game better.

This logo is one of those logos that if you see it you know it is good food because when you eat there if you like it you know where to go back to when you want to eat a good burger.

This logo shows the famous logo of Disney and also incorporated the famous mascot into the d of Disney.

The logo shows the occupation of FedEx because there is an arrow incorporated and it show the way they send mail.

Bad Logos

This logo's font makes the word something different from what they are trying to sell in the store. They should separate the l and i or make the text a different font so that it doesn't spell what it says.

The picture in the logo portrays a creepy message and i think it wont attract many customers with that logo.

This picture shows a man throwing a child and it does not have the message it should have for a company.

This logo shows a Spa with a font that i cant understand plus the colors are really distracting from the main words so i  feel no one would know what they do there.

This logo is very hard to look at and you might not be able to ready the words so you wouldn't know the product they are trying to sell.