The Tang Dynasty

618 AD - 907 AD

Infromation on the Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty flourished in China were it was located. This dynasty grew around the silk road in order to protect the valuable trade route. The Tang Dynasty appeared around the year 618 after the fall of the previous Han Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty fell around the year 907 and the Song Dynasty followed it.

Many contributions to our society were accomplished during the Tang Dynasty. Porcelain, which was very valuable, the compass, which could help them navigate, and the mechanical clock, which helped keep track of time, were all major contributions. Other contributions included the spinning wheel, block printing, scroll printing and the dangerous discovery of gunpowder. Great poets also emerged and united the culture through their unique way of sharing their ideas.

Even though the Chinese had possessed gunpowder, the rarely used it for violence. Instead the gunpowder would be used in fireworks or rockets in celebrations. The Silk Road was a big asset to the Tang Dynasty as well; it connected it with the Byzantine and Muslim Empires in the west.  Ideas from the Chinese also helped shape cultures like the Japanese and Koreans. They absorbed respect for nature, a writing system, Buddhism and Confucianism from the Tang Dynasty. As Confucianism became more and more popular, one of the Tang emperors ordered that all Buddhist Monks be killed. The Tang Dynasty later ended when several invasions took place along the Silk Road and the emperor was forced to give up his throne.

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