Intellectual Property and Copyright

Fair Use Fri. Sept. 5, 2014

Today we are going to continue our conversation about Intellectual Property and Copyright by examining the Fair Use doctrine.

Read the Wikipedia entry on Fair Use.

View the video, Fair Use & Media Literacy - Use to annotate the video. Share your annotations with Mrs. King and Mrs. Sumy.

Examine the Poster, Is My Use A Fair Use?

View the Video, Video Case Study, Upper Merion Area H.S., Media Literacy, Copyright, and Fair Use, and consider the 4 Criteria from the poster above to determine if this is an example of Fair Use.

Today we will continue our conversation about Fair Use. Let's examine the two documents below, you will use both documents in today's assingment. Take a look at ALA's Fair Use Evaluator: See Mrs. King or Mrs. Sumy for a Fair Use Scenario. Please use the Fair Use Evaluator, The Fair Use Checklist and The Fair Use Pyramid to evaluate your scenario. SKIP THE CONTEXT SLIDE IN THE EVALUATOR. Please show your reasoning and thought process on each slide. When you are done please print your evaluation and discuss it with Mrs. King or Mrs. Sumy.

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