Hydrofracking has been the latest topic across the United States.

In a hydraulic fracturing job, "pumping fluids" consisting mainly of water and sand are injected under high pressure into the producing formation, creating fissures that allow resources to move freely from rock pores where it is captured.

What are some pros of hydrofracking?

  • Fracking gives people jobs
  • It allows us to access billions of reserves to exploit natural resources that we once believed to be unattainable. It truly has turned our industry around.
  • Natural gas production is one of the cleanest burning fuels we have available. This is preferred to using much dirtier fossil fuels.
  • Fracking is also often used to revitalize drinking wells. This fact is commonly left out of the argument against fracking.

What are the cons of hydrofracking?

  • Studies have shown that fracking does cause small earthquakes, which can damage homes.
  • Fracking also uses a tremendous amount of water that contains chemicals and other environmentally damaging materials.
  • Runoff from fracking operations can cause tremendous environmental harm, and some regulators believe that current regulations are not strict enough to prevent this harm.

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