Warriors: The Sight
By Erin Hunter
Book Report By Imani Kyimba

  The book I decided to do was The Sight which was from the series of Warriors. This book is Fantasy because there are talking animals that live like warriors. In this book there is no illustrator to draw the parts. There is a lot of Plot Development in this book, but the main one is man vs man because they have to fight to keep their borders safe and witness people trying to steal their border. And one more is man vs nature because they don't know what the consequences are in the forest because a lot of people have been killed or lost so they try to keep everyone safe.


The main antagonist's are The Shadow Clan Warriors because they tried to steal ThunderClan's territory. Two more are the Dogs and the Foxes who try to kill the people.


The main protagonist's are Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw because they help save the ThunderClan from destruction.


  • Jaypaw- One of the Main Characters,
  • Lionpaw- Another Main Character, Jaypaw and Hollypaw brother.
  • Hollypaw- Minor main character, sister of Jaypaw and Lionpaw.                              


  • Trails in the Forest
  • ThunderClan territory

4 words to describe the Trails of the Forest are Suspicious, Dark, Unfriendly, and Dangerous. To describe the ThunderClan territory is Bright, Friendly, Neat,  


I would recommend this book to people who love fantasy books. Also to people who love cats. I would mostly recommend this book to Mana because she love cats



    In the beginning of the story Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit are playing with a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. They were playing in the nursery where they lived until they could become apprentices. When Jaykit was chasing the mouse and accidently landed on the 2 newborn kits  Foxkit and Icekit. But Jaypaw knew that he didn't hurt them because he was to small to squash a flee. As they were playing Jaypaw sensed that some cats. He then dashed out the nursery and Hollykit and Lionkit followed. They got outside and saw Firestar and Spiderleg. Then they heard that a fox was on ThunderClan territory. They all wanted to find the fox so they planned to got find it. Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit were sent to watch the nursery. As the time went by they got bored. Jaykit decided to go find the foxes on their own. Lionkit and Hollykit agreed. They went into a tunnel which lead into the forest. They all thought that if they found this fox they would become apprentices.



  In the middle they were in the forest looking for the foxes. They had almost got caught by one of the groups. As they were walking they saw the Fox laying there. Then the group came out of nowhere and caught them. They were sent back to the Clan. When they got back to the clan they were sent to Firestar's office. Firestar looked disappointed at his Grandchildren. They were the age of a regular apprentice and they wanted it so badly. Lionkit started to beg for  them to become apprentices. Firestar agreed but if they followed the warrior code and followed the rules. They agreed with the deal and they were all excited as they left.

    It was time for them to get ready for them to become a apprentice and they were all excited. When they got there they were the only ones that were going to become a apprentice. As Firestar announced the names he said what their teachers. Hollykit name changed to Hollypaw and had Leafpool as her teacher. Hollypaw had wanted to become a medicine cat. Lionpaw teacher was Brambleclaw and Jaypaw's teacher was Brightheart who was a teacher for blind people. Jaypaw's was furious and thought about the things he was going to do.


    As time passed everyone became busy. And one day they were going to a battle with to fight with other Clans. At the end of the thing There came a mother cat with a kitty pet. The cat that came with the kitty pet was ThunderClans old deputy. Firestar did not know he was still alive and everyone was surprised. They all walked back to the territory. Everyone was very confused when they came and saw him. The next day Hollypaw had to take care of of them and doesn't really enjoy it. As Lionpaw watched he thought if Hollypaw really wanted to become a medicine cat. Leafpool was going to Moon Pool that they. (it's a place where medicine cats can sees StarClan, StarClan is basically heaven.) Jaypaw's followed her and watched her talk to them. At first he did not understand how he got to see this. And then he realized his destiny was to become a medicine cat.


In this book I realized that the writing was in 3rd person. I also realized in the book their names had kit at the end of it and then when they became apprentices the end of their names changed to paw.

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