Edward flannagan


My photo essay is on a very successful man who founded Boys Town. His name was Edward Flanagan and he was a priest that wanted to help children. He would soon go on to building a safe haven for kids

Early Life

Edward Flanagan was born in Ireland on July 13th, 1886. His father was John Flanagan and his mother was Honoria Larkin. While living in Ireland he became a Catholic Youth Leader. When he turned 18 he went to the U.S. In 1908 he got a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Art Degree.

Adult Life

Edward Flanagan became a Priest in 1912.It was not long before he organized and ran Workingman's Hostel. In 1919 he became a U.S citizen. He borrowed $90 to rent a home which he turned into a school and orphanage. He believed that there are no bad boys only bad acts.

He started with three boys which soon turned into 525 kids and 160 acres of land with lots of housing. The cost of being a good citizen was $2,000 and the cost of going to jail is $5,000. Boys Town soon became so popular it allowed girls in as well. Boys Town soon changed it`s name to Boys and Girls Town. Boys Town Eventually had several movies made about it. Edward Flanagan died in 1978. Today Boys Town now is 900 acres and runs throughout the U.S