Why tackk is so AWESOME!

Tackk is so awesome because u can explore and Create on and same website witch is super cool!Tackk is also a great way to make friends threw tackk's steam where  you can talk to people and make friends! While making a tackk you upload pics and gifs.My fave thing i like about creating my tackks is the option buttons above the colors if you click on it you will see a little box saying (photo background) in the box you can upload pics and your pic will show up in  the background!Another thing I like about tackk is the privet chat where you can invite a couple people only and you can use all the features I am talking about in this tackk in privet chat.You can also change the font of the title for the exsample I changed the font to (Crushed)! In your tackks you can also change the color and pattern! Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!