Tools of the Trade

Leandro Silverio

Here is some quick explanations of the tool that we use in technology class.


Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips.

The benefits of Edmodo is that Students can turn their assignments in, they can check there grades and so can parents. Edmodo can be used on a computer or a smartphone.

2. Remind

Remind provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents for free. Teachers use Remind the Android or iOS app to send texts to students and parents phones without ever having to share their own phone number.

The benefits of remind is that  since now in days everyone has a cellphone it lets teachers get in touch with parents about their kids, their work and missing assignments.

3. is a site that has many great free infographic formats and objects which people can customize to make and impart their visual thoughts on the web. Using the site is simple, and clients can either pick a layout from the broad library, or they can transfer their experience picture. In excess of 300,000 people have effectively registered with, and a huge number of infographics are delivered utilizing the site consistently. makes info-graphics fun to do its really easy and when its finished it looks really nice.

4. Tackk

Its a free service that quickly helps you create simple web pages.

Tackk benefits us because like it really helps to make nice things for like projects or some classwork that we have to do. And at the end your proud of what you did cause it comes out really cool.

5. The IB Design Cycle

The IB Design Cycle is a system that will help you do your work by following certain steps. The system is useful and easy to understand because it guides you through the steps of how to do your project.

The IB Design Cycle benefits us by helping us make our projects because it goes step by step on what we have to do. Its really easy and well explained.

The IB Design Cycle: A)Inquiring and Analyzing

1.Explain and Justify the need for a solution to a problem.

2.Identify and prioritize the primary and secondary research needed to develop a solution to the problem

3. Analyze a range of existing products that inspires a solution to the problem

4.Develop a detailed design that briefly summarizes the analysis of the research.

B)Developing Ideas

1. Develop a design specification that states the succes criteria for the design of a solution

2.Develop a range of designs that can be correctly interpreted by others

3.Present final chosen design and justify its selection

4. Develop Accurate and detailed planning drawing/diagrams and outline the requirements for the creation of the chosen solution

C)Creating a solution

1. Construct a logical plan , that describes the efficient use of time and resources

2. Demonstrate excellent technical skills when making solution

3.Follow the plan to create the solution, that works as intended

4. Fully justify the changes made to the design when making the solution

5. Present the solution as a whole, either in electronic form or in pictures of the solution from different angles, showing all details


1.  Design detailed and relevant testing methods, wich generate data, to measure the succes of the solution

2. Critically evaluate the succes of the solution

3. Explain how the solution could be improved

4. Explain the impact of the solution on the target audience.

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