Photography Project

Nyomi J.

Just so you know I took all these photos myself!

Looking down on a caterpillar, in a tree: Taken June 5th

They may eat your plants, but this picture makes them look really nice: Taken June 5th

Our shoes holding a lilac: Taken June 5th

Trisha!! (love that smile): Taken June 5th

There was a hole in the top of this pole, and we thought it would make a nice picture: Taken June 9th

These next few pics are perspective photos, hope you like them!

Looks like Trisha's standing on the dandelion here!

This is under one of the tires at the school

A knob in the tree!

A train on the way back from Maple rigde

The Fraser canyon

This is the deserty area near cache creek

Beautiful sunset outside of my bedroom window

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