Kenston is Kool!-Nathan Pulling's 7th grade year

Kenston things that are fun and cool and there are 10 of them on the list right here. [Not in order]

10. Ski Club

This was a fun after-school activity I did during the winter with a few friends. Never go alone to ski club, or you will just be skiing down hills by yourself with no one to talk to on the god-awfully slow ski lifts at Alpine Valley

9. Book Trailer

This was one of the more enjoyable, creative IRP projects because you get to make an entire video dedicated to the book you read for the quarter. There are a lot of boundaries in it, but you can still have a lot of fun picking music and pictures to go along with your video.

8. Robotics!

This is an incredibly fun after-school activity where you get to make working, programmable robots... out of Lego's! It sounds kind of stupid, but once you see what you could really do with these, you will have so much fun. You send your completely automated Lego robot out into a field where you can no longer touch it, and it has to rely on its pre-made programs that you made yourself to accomplish different tasks to get points and win.

7. Radio Drama

This was a very fun project where you get to make a radio broadcast about a "dramatic", terrifying event like the plague, an earthquake, or even tennis balls taking over the world!

But don't do awful at it, like ours. It's not good at all ever never ever ever forever.

6. Jazz Band

If you play trumpet, drums, trombone, any saxophone, or bass guitar, you should definitely join this. Jazz Band takes place after school until 3:15 where you get to play a completely new style of music. There aren't many people who get to stay in jazz band, so I had to be pretty good at it. And PRACTICE!

We get to go to Cedar Point at the end of the year, all day, after we perform at Perkins highschool. You can ride all the rides you want on the first opening day!

At the awards ceremony, Kenston Middle School got first place in every category they were in, and we got every soloist award that applied! It's truly fun

5. Normal Band!

This was also a really fun opportunity where we get to play a large variety of songs at two different concerts during the year. The songs are really fun to learn and practice.


By far the best part of Middle School. If you don't go, you're totally missing out. You have so much freedom to do a lot of things! Councillors are really nice and don't have very many rules!

Just one thing. If you forget this, or procrastinate at all, your camp will be miserable. FINISH YOUR JOURNAL! 5 PAGES EVERY DAY! You miss out on so much if you wait until the last day to do it! It takes longer than you think!

But you still get to do a lot of things. There's pond study (You get to go IN the lake!), Camo Games [Capture the Flag in the woods], 11 p.m Ghost in the Graveyard, Mud Sliding, Scavenger hunts, hiking, and a lot more!

3. Roman A-Z

This was a very fun and creative project you get to do towards the start of the year in Social Studies. You make a presentation about any topic that starts with the letter you choose, and you can research all about it. The fun part was making the model to represent your topic; I made a boat out of Popsicle sticks, because my topic was Navy. Don't make a stupid drawing on notebook paper, that gets you a bad grade and makes you look lazy in front of your class.

2. Russian Class

This was one of my favorite classes. Mrs. Subbotin, the teacher, barely gives homework and does lots of activities that effectively teach you a new language. Я имел удовольствие обучения русский язык

1. This

After school activities are fun.

Until you fly over your bike and your knee slams directly into your diaphragm.

But it's fun. I've done a lot of new things this year, and this definitely won't be something I'll forget.

The Do's and Dont's


Depending  on locker placement, you need to judge how much stuff to bring around. The system of hallways is very inefficient in 7th grade, unlike 6th where everything is pretty much in the same area. One class you'll be on one side of the school, next you may be taking a detour to your locker, then running frantically to a flight of stairs to the other side of the school. You guys are smart, figure it out. On the off chance you guys actually read through this, I say good job.

Phone Games

ONLY PLAY/TEXT WHEN TEACHERS LET YOU. Trust me, they know. They aren't stupid. I don't even know whether or not they are going to allow phones next year. Don't start playing Crossy Road or some junk and say you're "checking grades"

Honestly that is the most lame excuse ever, but whatever... not my problem.

A wise teacher once said; "I know when you're texting or playing games. No one just looks down at their crotch

Talking Back

Never. Ever. EEEVVVVEEEERRRRRRRR. You'll only get in trouble and get yourself humiliated (but it's really funny watching that happen to others). Always raise your hand before talking whilst the teacher is. Only talk to your friends when the teacher allows it.


I learned this the hard way;



It's not fun. You get projects done quicker when you don't procrastinate, because you aren't rushing and out of ideas. When you get that project or assignment done quickly, it's a great feeling that you have no assignments that you need to do and you get free time.

Just, please, don't. You should know that by now.

"Teacher's don't force you to do anything, they help you to become who you want to be." -Nathan Pulling.

But seriously, this is hilarious!

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