TO Rent Or To Buy?

Retiring ?Need to downsize or move to a place with no stairs?

Evaluate the Cost & your Life Style

As a specialized Real Estate Broker with Seniors, Frequently I am asked " What is better to do"?

People who are relocating in retirement should consider whether they can afford their new home and analyze how much money both options would cost. A helpful indicator is the price-to-rent ratio, which compares owning and renting properties.

Some people want to enjoy the free time they have when they retire and fulfill their travelling dreams.People who are used to living in their own homes for their whole lives might find it difficult to get accustomed to renting — especially if it means moving to a new neighbourhood. A common problem is a landlord who's not willing to allow pets.

Whether it’s better to rent or buy in retirement depends mainly on your lifestyle and your retirement expectations. Nevertheless, it's important to examine your financial situation and consider all the costs and risks before you decide where you’ll spend the next chapter of your life.

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