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How are Americans Represented in the American documentary 'Super Size Me'?

Morgan Spurlock filmed his 2004 documentary Super Size Me in response to a lawsuit where two teenage girls tried to sue McDonalds for making them overweight. The film includes and displays many techniques, devices and conventions to make the American population seem like they are not looking after themselves physically,which leads to obesity in which makes them the fattest country in the world. it is through these different techniques that the American population is being portrayed in a bad way. for example they are being shown has lazy and arrogant.

A technique used in the film was stereo types. An example of this technique being used is when the crew attend a convention where the founder of subway is speaking to the audience about his major weight loss which he achieved only through eating 3 subs a day. Soon after the show the film crew interviewed a obese 14 year old girl who had attended the show and spoken to the founder afterwards. it is during the interview where we get the portrayal of a stereotypical American teen because of the way she spoke. example when she said that she could not loss weight the same way as the founder of subway could because she cant afford it and walk the way there everyday for lunch. its almost as if she is saying that she has to eat fast fatty food because its cheaper and closer to her school. It is through this technique and many more that Americans are represented in this film as lazy and always go for the cheaper option even if it is not good for there health.

The technique juxtaposition is also used in this film to represent the American people as obese. An example of this is the various images and scene's in the film that show obese people and there way of life e.g. within the first few minutes of the film there are many different shots of obese people show the effects of eating unhealthy and fatty foods. another example of juxtaposition is the scene where a lady from a food manufacturing company is talking a voice over about that children will and should make the right decisions about healthy eating and while she is saying all of this there is a kid in the background grabbing the biggest piece of cheesy pizza on her plate.

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