Samuel Adams
by: Ty Bennett
#Kettner and #Tech1

  • My colonial American is Samuel Adams, some of the few things that he did in history that changed the world forever was… few people really took in consideration of how much Samuel Adams had an effect on our country, many people only recognize him for his politician position at the time, but Samuel was indeed a very important part of the American independence! I think that people like the story of Samuel Adams because he wasn’t always the great hero that we hear about in the stories; he in fact was one of the biggest failures at the time! Most of the things he was unsuccessful at was getting employment and doing a good job with the employment he had. Some things that Samuel played a great part in that was good were, Samuel played a major role in the Boston Tea party, and He was a great politician but a bad / unsuccessful brewer, Samuel served as the legislator from 1765-1774, and Samuel signed the declaration of independence!

samuel adams was a very unsucsesfull brewer at the time, now he has his own brand of beer!

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