A presentation of Surplus By Patrick and Kevin.

The situation where quantity supplied greater than quantity demand at a given price.

When the Wii U first came out it was doing really bad because of the bad promotion, but then in early 2013 it started to sell a lot better because of all the good games, backwards capability, 3rd party games, good online, not to mention all the hype for the games coming out for it in the future. Like Smash bros, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and of course Mario. Nintendo was on top again because they got their system out before Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft and Sony were still using their old consoles the PS3 and Xbox 360.  Nintendo Wii u sales were doing great. Until the PS4 and Xbox one came out, and had a butt load of games, even more then the Wii U. Not only that but ever since the new game systems game out, the Wii u has been in a game drought, which means that games barley came out for the system. And it's still going on today. While with the PS4 and Xbox one, new things came out for it every month. Would you rather buy a system with games that came out frequently, or a system that has Mario? Because the PS4 and Xbox one had more then the Wii u, consumers bought the PS4 and Xbox One instead of the Wii u because of consumer taste change, they would rather have more games then a famous mascot. So as you can see, this is an example Surplus by the way the Wii U used to be selling good because of how many good games it had, but then once it started making less and less and games and the PS4 and Xbox one making more games. So people wanted more games. Also this is a example of Law of demand. The price of the wii u was really high, so the demand for it went down. Come to think  of it's also a example of substitution, people substituted the PS4 and Xbox one for the Wii U. Sadly Nintendo is still in a jam today. So you may be asking yourself, Patrick and Kevin, what does this have to do with surplus? Well The Wii U was originally doing well and people were buying it. But then the didn't make enough games for it and then the Xbox One and PS4 came out. So people stopped buying the Wii U. The Definition of Surplus says that the situation quality is supplied greater the quantity demanded at a given price. Like what the situation with Nintendo is right?

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