Tell Them to Stop

Charlotte Anderson students learn effective strategies to stop problems before they become out of their own control. In this lesson you will learn to show the character traits of : Citizenship, Respect, and Fairness (Grades K-2).


When you are bothered or frustrated by a person's behavior like in the situation above how do you you react?


There are times we all might have been frustrated like Mrs. Gregory was in the video above. However, you have the power in this situation. Others may not know when or if they are disturbing you. It is important for you to politely express how you feel.

Here are some things you can say if you are feeling upset:

1. "That is annoying, please stop."

2. "Please stop doing that."

3. Make up your own polite way to ask someone to stop.

Role Play: Have students react appropriately to a frustrating situation.


1. When your friends are doing something that you want them to stop doing, tell them to stop.

2. If the problem continues tell your teacher, parent, or an adult.

All Character Traits:
Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Caring, Respect, Fairness, Responsibility

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