Central African Republic


This is the Central African Republic flag.


This is Awale they play this game for seeds

People play a game called Awale, they use a Awale board but the game is for beating your opponent to get more seeds Old people mostly play this to win the seeds.


This is a Paillotte its where they live

Houses are made from mud or bricks. A dirt or cement floor


Children begin elementary school at age seven. But fewer than half of the children enroll.

Selling Vegetables / Food

Girls sometimes will sell vegetable, nuts or other stuff They start at 7-8 in the morning have a break at 12pm and are done by 3pm. Fish is very popular. Main dishes, Greens and Rice, Spinach stew. Side dishes, Bidia, Foutou.


People fish with nets. Fish is very popular .

Fetching Water

This is girls fetching water. They will meet at the pump and there mothers will be waiting for them.


They will work on cars but a family is most likely to not have a car.

Cultural Customs

People beckon (Make a gesture with the hand) by waving there fingers at someone. Don’t point your finger at someone it is really impolite.Family is really important in central africa most people have a big family.

National anthem

Boy with home made toy

There were no stores to buy toys around so most kids would get a home made toy from there father.


People wait for medical care at Kago Bandoro Hospital in the northern part of Central African Republic.


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