Email Etiquette
Maddy Oakeson

These are a few important tips to be smart when emailing:

Check your grammar before sending a message (punctuation,spelling,) This is important because it shows that you are educated and care about what the sender reads.

Do not type in ALL CAPS this shows that you as the sender, are yelling, it is rude to type in all capitals.

Make your format and message professional, having your format professional, shows respect and gives a clear message of what you sent.

Do not attach unnecessary files with your email, this is important because it can cause viruses to other computers.

Be short and to the point in the subject of the email, being to the point and not having rambling helps the reader understand your message.

Do not put your personal information into an email, you do not know who reads it and you can risk your protection and safety of yourself and others.

Send appropriate messages when emailing, this is important because it is respectful and safe to the person who gets the email.

Do not forward chain letters this can cause viruses to receivers, you do not want to be the one passing viruses to others computers.

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