Police Arrest Michael Brown Protesters near Interstate

Narayani Wagle

Summary of Story/Link:

After the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown, several protests arose in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. These peaceful protests soon erupted into violent and disturbing riots on Wednesday September 10th. These protesters disturbed the peace by threatening to shut down a portion of Interstate 70. The protesters then proceeded to throw bricks, stones, rocks, glass bottles, and water bottles at the officers in order to convince Governor Jay Nixon to appoint a special prosecutor for the purpose of investigating the death of Michael Brown. Thirty-five people were arrested and the Ferguson City Council met to discuss the recent issues. Later, it was revealed that Michael Brown had no felony convictions and several believed that the police officer charged with shooting Brown should be arrested.

Ideas Related to This Story:

Rights and equality are linked to this story.

The protesters mentioned in the article fought for the cause of equality. Several people in the town of Ferguson and around the nation believe that Michael Brown was shot on the basis of race and he was not treated equally due to his race, resulting in his shooting and death. The protesters stood up against the inequality they saw in the event of Officer Wilson shooting Michael Brown on what they saw as racial judgments.

The protesters in this article believed in the inequality they assumed existed in the event of Michael Brown's shooting and decided to use their rights to stand up for what they believed was the right thing to do. According to the first amendment, Americans are allowed to peacefully protest for what they believe and the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri used their rights to protest for what they believed to be injustice to the deceased Michael Brown. However, their rights to protest were not applicable when they started throwing items at officers, a sign of violent protest which is not covered by the first amendment. Thus, the protesters rights did not apply and they were arrested.

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