Curley's Wife
Envious - Isolated - Not Confident

All I wanted was...

1. To be famous

2. Not to marry a jerk

3. Live in a nice house

4. Have friends

5. Someone to love

But I didn't want...

1. To be poor

2. Being lonely

3. To be told what to do

4. Not stay home all day

5. To die

Character Development

Curley's wife had arguments with her mom. She was about 17 years old because she left home to marry Curley. She probably had a thing with Slim and that's why Curley didn't like Slim.

Character Interactions

Curly's wife interacts with Lennie, Crooks, and Slim. She treats Lennie bad at first but then at the end she starts treating him as a friend. She treats Crooks super terrible. She treats Slim so we that we suspect that they were lovers.

Impact on the Plot

If she wasn't in the book the guy's could have reached their goal. Lennie wouldn't have died. Curley wouldn't have to worry if his wife was cheating in him.

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