Ancient Japan
By Austin Reynolds

In HEIAN the nobles followed the emporrer  . They wanted his favor by being close to him. They created an imperial court who their job was to live near the emporrer  and serveand advise their ruler

Japanese nobles loved fashion, they loved beauty and began with their own appearances. They would wear full silk robes and golden jewlery. They loved elaborate wardrobe, for example, women would wear long gowns made of 12 layers of colored silk,cleverly cut to show every layer of the robe

Nobles also cared dearly about their writing and how they spoke. Writing was a very important activity among nobles. Women wrote in diaries about their lives in court. They chose their words very carefully to make their writing beautiful and elegant.

Adding to the list of arts loved by nobles, they loved visual arts. The most popular of these arts is calligraphy and architecture. The nobles add bright and bold colors in their paintings, great paintings and stories from this time period are things like The Tale of Gengi

The nobles lived In beautiful cities. They loved and admired Chinese architecture and molded most of their city after it. They copied great building styles, mostly in the temples they built. They featured wooden frames that curved slightly at the end.

Performing arts was also popular in Japan during the HEIAN period. Roots of Japanese drama are traced back to that time. People would gather to watch preformances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. Performing arts was a huge past time in ancient Japan

Japan has some of the most interesting fashion types in the world. Most of them are from adaptations they have seen in western countries, only that they really make them their own there are many types of fashions in Japan, they are called Kogals, Gothic Lolita, Gaguro, lolita, and cosplay