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Tech Age Teachers is a new innovative project for educators in Tunisia that will provide free training to school teachers to successfully incorporate technology into their classroom, connect classrooms for joint online projects and much more. If you are interested in becoming a Tech Age Teacher, then fill out application and submit it by May 26, 2014.

About project

Funded by Dream Blue Foundation and Implemented by IREX, the Tech Age Teachers (TAT) program will endow a carefully selected group of high school teachers in Tunisia with a powerful combination of leadership skills and technology tools to catalyze the constructive use of technology for education. With two decades of experience applying new technology to education, youth empowerment and community participation, IREX has developed a unique approach to the TAT project that builds on existing efforts and produces new educational opportunities.

TAT|Tunisia consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1: If selected, successful candidates will be invited to the quarterfinal stage of training which will last for five weeks. About 200 teachers will receive 40 hours of  introductory technology skills.
  • Stage 2: Around 100 of quarter-finalists will be chosen to attend semifinal stage of training which will also last for five weeks. During additional 40 hours of training, participants will dig deeper into technology learning basics of coding and visualization to creating digital stories.  
  • Stage 3: Only 25 most successful and hard working teachers will become finalists of the project and will be invited for a Tech Age Teachers Conference for 10 days. Conference will be held in Tunis during which participants will receive even more advanced skills in technology and creative teaching methodology.

If you are interested, then fill out application form and submit it by May 26, 2014. Application can be accessed by clicking button below.

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