~Thing 1 Quest 5~

~Safe & Secure~

I think Cyberbullying is wrong.I believe that you should not bully people online.I bet you wonder what it is going to do.Well it makes people feel bad about themselves and makes them sad.Even though they are online it can still affect what you say to them.Be nice to people and stop cyberbullying.

Remember to log off of the websites you log into.If you don't log off someone will mess up the work you have been doing on that website you were logged into.Those people who go on your account will be punished,but your stuff will still be ruined.Don't forget to save and log off of your things.If you don't save and log off your things your stuff will be messed up and lost.So remember to log off everything you get on.

If you use something of ACA's you have to keep it in good condition.ACA is letting you use there things.You need to treat there things with respect.If someone lets you use something of theirs then you have to keep it the way it looked once before.So remember to also leave things that you use the way there were once before.