Tis’ the Season to be Jolly!

By: Lily Ward

As I make my way through the kitchen I smell a cup of steaming hot chocolate and the fireplaces woody smell. I smell the cookies being baked for neighbors and friends.

As I’m bundled up in a warm furry coat, boots, gloves, and a hat I go outside and see people sledding, making snow angels, and even making a family of snowmen and women. And as I go inside from being outside for a few hours I see my fireplace crackling in the distance.

As I sit by my fireplace, I can hear songs with lovely carols in the C.D., And as I’m listening to the C.D. I can hear people riding on horses with sleigh bells. Oh, what lovely noises I can here just by sitting by a fireplace.

The weather is getting colder and colder by the minute, so I decide to go put on some warm comfy clothes and get in my bed. As I get in to my bed my sheets are cold, So i put on some warm fuzzy socks.

As everyone’s putting up lights on their houses, and putting up lights and ornaments on the tree, I feel joy inside because everyone is happy, excited for that day when they get all of the gifts they want, excited to see that it is a new day to go play out in the snow. Oh, This season is full of joy and happiness, I wish that It could last all year long.  

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