There are many forms of being paid and remuneration is able to sum them all up such as:

Time Rate - Time rate is when staff are only paid for the amount of numbers they have worked.

Overtime - Overtime is when you are paid for hours that you have worked beyond your expectation.

Piece Rate - This is when a staff get a bonus for meeting their target that has been set by their manager.  

Commission - Staff are paid for the amount of products that they sell.

Performance Related Pay - As you could probably tell by the title, staff are paid depending on how well they work.

Profit Sharing - Again,,,,,as you could tell by the title, Profit Sharing is when the staff are able to gain a share out of the companies profits.

Salary - Salary is almost like a contract. You are paid a certain amount of money no matter how many hours you work less or more.

Fringe Benefits - This isn't really a form off payment. Fringe Benefits are extras such as dental car or a company car.