An introduction to the Rube Goldberg machine-

A Rube Goldberg machine is a chain reaction. It ends anti-climatically, usually completing a simple task like lighting a candle. The creator, a Jewish man, was a cartoonist who depicted these chain reactions in the newspaper.  He died in 1970 at 87. The Rube Goldberg machine shows that the journey is sometimes more exciting then the destination.

One of Rube Golbergs designs

How the Rube Goldberg machine relates to physics-

In a Rube Goldberg machine there are many energy transformations. From electric to kinetic, potential to kinetic, elastic to kinetic, electric to sound; there are so many transformations. There is also inertia when there is a resistance to move, velocity when an object moves in a direction, friction when an object runs against another object, and even gravity when an object drops or skids down a inclined plain. Speaking of inclined plains, there also many simple machine. You can have levers, wheels and axels, inclined plains, and even wedges. To create the machine we also have to know how mass, density, volume, distants, speed, time, force, acceleration, and distance affect our project. There are many ways that a Rube Goldberg machine relates to physics.

What our machine will accomplish-

WE ARE GOING TO START A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Specifically, it will pull a party popper. Because we are starting a party, there are many objects in our machine that are party related. First off we have books because there is always that awkward person reading books in the corner. We also have a gift, representing the early life if a party. We also have brownies. Even balloons. We have streamers and even a speaker to get everyone dancing. We have two disco balls for double the 80's. And lastly, there is a newtons cradle. This represents the items that are always broken at a part. We chose this design because We want to make it easy to start parties.


BluePrint review-

Our problem: We have trouble starting parties.

Pros: We create a party, fun with science, we're bringing disco back.

Cons: Some steps are unstable, we have to plug something in, we have scissors.

Problems with our designs: the roll of streamers may not be able to turn on the speaker. Solution: attach a stylus so that when it roll by a IPad it will turn on the music.

Problem: The scissor won't close.

Solution: Add more potential energy by adding weight to the box.

Problem: The disco ball might not spin when the car moves.

Solution: Add more power to the music.

Our blueprint

Our video. It is not perfect.

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