Vocabulary Squares

Mrs. Dixon

Crystal- made of clear, brillant glass

Sentence- The crystal ball told a lie when it said I was going to be really famous.

Sinewy- tough and strong

Sentnece- The little boy was sinewy for his age.

Brawny- strong and muscular

Sentence- The brawny boy over there is short.

Parson- minister

Sentence- The parson was very nice when I went to that church for the first time.

Wrought- shaped by hammering

Sentence- The jewelry necklace was wrought into a heart.

Haunches- upper legs and hips of an animal

Sentence- The dog broke his haunches when he fell off the bed.

1. No a dog would not sit on its haunches when it is running because his haunches are his legs.

2. Yes a weight lifter should be brawny because he is strong and muscular.

3. An electrician would have sinewy hands because he has to work with many different tools.

4. Yes a glass made of crystal is breakable because crystal is glass.

5. Yes a parson would most likely be found in

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