Peace day @cross roads meds

I will crease the peace by standing for the people that can't stand for themselves. I will give hope and belief to people that are to scared to do it for themselves. Also by telling others that being quite don't always help what your going threw or the people around you it just makes it worst. I could help in school by showing what happened when peace is broken an families have to put kids 6 ft under or kids in hospitals cause they to scared for the real word to try to stand for themselves . Its time to stop the anger and craziness cause the kids now and days are the future to the world and to the people that live everyday with no trouble and peace. No more crime cause its not enough time to keep pain that could drive loved one insane. thoughts of who faults it was that there child has to R.I.P to make they souls lie down with. LETS KEEP THE PEACE AND NO MORE VIOLENCE CAUSE TIME IS A CRIM WHEN U BEHIND BARS THAT YOU COULDN'T SEEK TO BELIEVE WAS THERE FROM THE BEGINNING.