K-12 Classroom iOS Apps

Below are 5 apps that are suited towards classroom use. These apps are used to facilitate students in their education, making learning both exciting and enjoyable. As I am studying primary education, I chose these apps for use in an elementary setting. Some are directed towards younger elementary grades while others are directed toward students in higher elementary grades. As well, some of these apps can be used by students who are achieving above their grade level and are hoping to be challenged or have additional opportunities outside of regular classroom activities. If an elementary teacher built a toolkit out of these 5 apps, they would be set to engage their students in the classroom!

Alphabets by KLAP

Alphabets by KLAP is an app that is directed towards learning the alphabet. It uses enticing visuals to draw in young students while teaching them the alphabet. The app additionally provides a word associated with each letter of the alphabet. Visit this website for more information on the iOS app. Additionally, here is a great video for teachers on how the app works.

This app could be used in education by teachers who are teaching pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. The app is $0.99, and the teacher could purchase it on their device to use as an interactive tool in the classroom. The teacher could project the app onto the SMART board and could go through the alphabet with their students.


Notability is an app that allows students to actively take notes in class. This app allows students to take neat and organized notes, draw and write on documents, and also record classes. Please visit this site for more information on Notability. Here is a video that teachers can use to familiarize themselves with the app in case their students have questions about how to use it.

This app can be used in the classroom by students durring lessons. Instead of traditionally taking notes with a with paper and a pen, students can have the option to bring their device to class to take notes using this app. For instance, in a science class where a teacher gives handouts, the teacher can also post them online so that the students may use this app to edit the documents on their device and add additional notes. This app can be used for any grade, as long as a student can bring their own device to school. It will most likely be best utilized in grades 5 and 6, as well as in junior high.

Algebra Touch

Algebra Touch is an app that uses interactive math problems to assist students in learning algebra. Whether they have forgotten the material or need help with understanding it, this app is here to help. Please visit this website for more information on the app! Here is a video on the app as well.

Algebra Touch has both lessons and interactive practice questions. At the end of each algebra class the teacher could go over the lesson objectives on this app to confirm the understanding of the students. The teacher could then project the questions onto the SMART board and have the students work together to answer them. This app could also serve as a review tool before an exam to have the students review in class. This app could be used by teachers teaching higher math in older elementary grades.


Vocabla is an app that allows students to improve their english vocabulary. It allows students to collect words from their everyday lives and save them on the app. It also provides a translation, quiz, and flashcard tool. Here is a website providing additional information about Vocabla.

This app could be used by students in an ESL class. If the school has devices available for student use, some time in class could be designated for students to work on the app to expand their english vocabulary. It also could be used as an extracurricular activity in lower elementary grades for home use to enhance student vocabulary.

World Explorer

World Explorer can be used as a travel app but it is also suitable to use within the classroom. The app allows you to search and look at places, monuments, and museums, along with many other things all over the world. Please visit this site to learn more about this iOS app.

World Explorer would be of great use in the classroom; teachers could have students use the app to choose a certain monument in a certain city and do a small project on it. Teachers could also use this in class and allow students to select certain things in the world they want to look at, and then look at the app using the SMART board. This app is also great for student use at home as it allows students to explore both what is around them in the world and what is very far away. It could be a fun and interactive app to use in a social studies class.

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