St Stephen

The Protomartyr

St Stephen Facts:

Not much is known about St Stephen’s past, except for the belief that he was born a Jew. During his time with Jesus, St Stephen was said to have spoken with much wisdom and grace, as God worked many miracles through Stephen, influencing many to follow God. The enemies of Jesus were furious with Stephen’s successes, and told lies to others, stating that he was saying lies about God . Angered about Stephen’s seemingly blasphemic words, many people were shouting at Stephen, telling him insults as he tried to preach about God. Eventually, the people were so fed up with St Stephen’s words that they dragged him out of Jerusalem, and stoned him to death, the prime punishment for blasphemy. St Stephen is the first martyr recorded in history, as he died due to being a Catholic and believing in God. He was killed in the year 34, and his feast day is December 26. He is the patron saint of stone masons, casket makers, deacons and altar servers. It also turns out that Saul of Tarsus, later Paul the Apostle, witnessed Stephen being stoned.

Why I chose this saint/lessons from this saint

I was only a baby when I received my saint name, due to me being baptised is a Ukrainian Catholic church, however, the reason why my parents chose this name for me was because my great-grandfather was also named Stefan, and so that’s how that became my middle/saint name. In my opinion, St Stephen is very important in the Christian faith because me was the first ever martyr, and because he displayed hope and belief in God that he would be brought to heaven. He was also very peaceful and did not want any punishment to be brought upon his killers. Some lessons to be learned from this saint is to love your enemies and forgive them and to always stick to your religion and have faith in God, no matter how threatened you may be, and no matter what dangers you may face. I think that you can use these lessons to be a more forgiving person, and to follow God through thick and thin, as well as your other beliefs, and not just your religion.

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