What the future holds...

Wondering what could happen in the next 26 years

Cars that you don't have to drive, but just voice command

In the future I predict that cars will be voice commanded. They would work similarly to phones being able to use GPS and locate places by you saying the street name. I imagine that they will be able to drive themselfs or have the option for you to drive, they could tell what the speed limit, how heavy you are, and would be able to get your exact time to get there. It would also be able to prevent drunk driving and other driving under the influence.

Being able to make a child, without a spouse

This is an idea that hasn't been looked into much but could happen. If scientists could recreate a female uterus, and then took male sperm they could (theoretically) make a child. By getting that DNA 2 males could have a child with DNA of one of them.

Resorts... In the water?

Rather an odd idea, but what if resorts were based in the water. They would act as islands almost that would allow you to be vacationing on a ocean. It would not be too far off the shores, and would be built into the ground. They would be underwater and underground stations where you could stay, and the main attractions would be the same as cruises and would be like a giant sea world almost.

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3 years ago

Sam, you've done a great job with specifics and development here, but it's not the complete assignment. Always check that you've answered the whole prompt (for any piece of writing).