brightest Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer around

significantly brighter than red laser pointers

This Class IIIb 5000mw green laser should be handled with a lot of caution. At this power, it can cause irreversible damage to your eye's retina, in less time that it takes to your eyelids to react to the flash. Years after years, stupid accidents involving these type of Lasers happen. The reason for these accidents is that people underestimate the power of what they have in their hands. Don't be part of the statistics. For a more complete description of this Pocket Size Laser, please read its full description below.

Products that use laser energy come in many sizes, shapes and forms. What they have in common is a laser which stores energy from a source, such as, an electrical discharge, chemical reaction or powerful optical illumination that releases the energy as light.
Laser stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. One basic type of laser consists of a sealed tube, containing a pair of mirrors, and a laser medium that is excited by some form of energy to produce visible light, or invisible ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

Laser Pointer were designed for conventional presentation purposes. Green laser pointers are perceived by the human eye as significantly brighter than red laser pointers. The laser pointers offered by LASER COMPONENTS have been tested 100% for compliance with laser class 2 specifications.

Built with solid yet light materials, this Laser Pointer will provide dependable service for many years to come. This Laser is pre-focused to infinity, and is activated with a simple push button at its base.

Forget the silly little red laser pointers from the grocery store…we have the baddest, brightest Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer around!

Green laser pointers are almost ten times more visible to the human eye than red pointers of equal output power. The green laser pointer LACO532 emits <1 mW at 532 nm and can thus be considered "eye-safe.” To ensure this, all pointers are individually tested at LASER COMPONENTS.

This 1000mW 532nm High-power Green Laser Pointer is small and exquisite, portable and with richer applications. This green laser pointer is also the best gift for friends and mixcrate families.

Most laser pens are red and only the dot is visible, but with this 5mW 532nm Green Laser Beam you can very clearly see the entire beam at night and in the dark!