digital citizenship by Eden m

Digital Access: this is a powerful idea for keeping safe. digital access is important because you need to get to places online. also digital access  can be dangerous to with a lot of scams that go around.

digital commerce: powerful idea:knowing how much the item is and how many are they.  

 buying things on the internet is important  when you cant find stuff in stores. you have to be careful in case  you get ripped off .

Digital communication:powerful idea. communicating online is important if you cant meet them in person;

just be careful who you talk too. also everyone uses digital communication to share, text etc..

Digital Literacy:Powerful idea, learning online can help to search up answers and facts

finding help for answers or getting answers.

the internet can also be used to read things or watch (educational) videos.

Digital Etiquette: being nice online is helpful .

Being mean online is really bad and is kinda illegal. it can hurt peoples feelings and so forth, it can also result into bad things .

Digital law: Digital law is a powerful idea to not go to jail for a while

ways you could brake the law is hacking illegally, copyright ,pirating etc... its illegal obviously so don't break the laws.

Digital rights and responsibility: powerful idea' being able to download and do things on the internet

careful using your rights because lots of things are illegal that break your rights as shown above. as of hacking, copyright ,piracy and other things.

Digital health and wellness: powerful idea not using technology too much

sometimes it can affect your body and definitely your eye muscles. can also make you over weight if you use the internet a lot.

Digital security(self protection) powerful idea DON'T GET HACKED

lots of times computer can get hacked or contain viruses from other people.

They have websites that help protect your computer and they have protection programs at computer stores.