We are in the future!

Things that I'm looking forward to in 2015 is having a better semester and getting on the honor roll. Things that 2015 holds for our world is another year of hard working people. Hopefully in the year of 2015 the world can be more peaceful and contain less violence between us. In 2041 I think technology will be far more advanced since the speed of technology now is moving very fast. In 2041 the iPhone 30 should be released and it should be able to unlock based on voice. The phone should be able to recognize ones voice and unlock when the owner of the phones voice is spoken. All cars will be hybrid cars and not need gas. They should have to be electrically charged for that will be better for our environment. Personally, in 2041 I should be a graduate from an HBCU or a law school because I will be a lawyer. I will be married with 1 or 2 kids and I will live in a large home with many rooms. My husband and I will be very successful sharing our wealth with each other and our children.

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